The snow is slowly piling up and the cold temps have hit the Northwoods.  Our first Christmas families have started to arrive

It is looking more and more like Christmas around the resort

For anyone coming up in the next 2 weeks we partnered up with a local farmer who has Berkshire Pigs in Hazelhurst who raises them and treats them well and makes delicious meats

If you would like meat delivered to your cabin you can order a head to make sure I have what you want on hand and I will put in your fridge before you arrive

Bacon (the best tasting!) 9.00 per lb
Maple sausage links 6.00lb
Brats regular and JalapeƱo 8.00 per package of 6
package of 2 pork chops 7.00
Sausage Patties 6.00
Ground Pork Sausage 6.00 lb
Ham steak 8.00
Eggs 5.00 a dozen free range eggs from happy chickens

I will have stuff on hand extra but to insure I have what you want you can order ahead for a guarantee that I order enough from Farmer Ann

Email with your meat and egg order