Troy was out at the woodshed and saw a rabbit fly out of the shed.  Right behind it was a flash of white.  Look close at the bottom of the wood pile for the white ermine in the picture.  The rabbit was not going to be dinner to the ermine

IMG_4355The ermine was neat to see.  I just know the teeth it has in its mouth and will keep my distance


Troy and Steve were busy at the lake getting the ice skating rink ready to go.  With the cold and then warm temps the ice got a mushy crusty top

We decided to flood the rink and went to rent a pump to put in the lake to flood the rink. I came down as they were wrapping things up

IMG_4353 (1)

They chiseled a hole in the lake.  I was ready to get them an ice auger but both of them wanted to smash a hole instead…  Standing on new ice and smashing a hole through it with a pick is not my idea of safe or fun but Troy and Steve made it work and neither was wet when I came down so nobody went through the ice

IMG_4354 (1)

Rink is looking better.  Cold temps and more layers of water on top of it and I think we will have it in a couple of days

IMG_4350 (1)

My friend Sue and I have been spending a few afternoons making gnomes.  Stop by the gift shop to see what we have come up with.  Sue has all sorts of gnome ideas for us to make so the collection will be getting bigger and bigger every week

IMG_4351 (1)

This gnome we call the love gnome.  Sue had some heart buttons we found in a button jar.  

Each of our gnomes we have found has a personality.  They will be for sale all year as long as Sue keeps coming up with good ideas.  

Right now we are full December 28, 29, 30, 31st and 1st.  Give a call to see what is open around those dates.  The snow is here and it is time to come play in it during the holidays