Jake used to ice fish with his grandpa Gibson who we lost this year.  Jake misses his time with Grandpa on the ice and set out to start a few new traditions and headed to tackle shop to add to the ice fishing supplies his grandpa left him and headed out to the ice

IMG_4497 (1)

First things first, getting a proper tip up set

IMG_4498 (1)

2nd thing getting your chair set and fire.   He was down by Eagles’s Nest dock

IMG_4495 (1)

3rd wave at the traffic going by and enjoy the quiet just like grandpa used to

IMG_4493 (1)

4th make a spot for a friend or better yet your dad to join you by the fire.  Not mom as the thought of fire  on ice makes her nervous

IMG_4496 (1)

Last, remember the good times with your grandpa on the ice and drink a beer in his honor

Hopefully catch a fish and definitely create a memory

Heres to fishing on ice and the grandpa who taught him the joys of sitting on it

If you need your moments on ice, we did have a cancelation for this weekend, New Years.  Give a call if you want to celebrate New Years with us.  The opening starts on Saturday the 30th with a 2 night minimum

To those who have missed updates on the blog, I promise to be better.  Took a little Christmas break from pictures and writing.  Back to posting