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We picked up a couple more inches of snow and it was time to get the plow out.  Steve loves to hit the snow banks this late in the winter and watch them explode

Just another day of office work for Steve and Troy

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The dogs love climbing his mountains.  Right now Mack believes himself king of the mountain with Penny’s ball in his mouth

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The picnic table shows the depth of the snow.  It is slowly piling up

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In the meantime there are thing to do in the snow like keeping the outside lights on and running


Heading up trees to limb off old dead limbs was on Steve’s list today.  Just another day at the office after plowing


How do I get back down?

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Steve I will help clean up!  Just get my ball back from Mack would you?

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All cleaned back up and headed to a fire near you soon


While the were tree limbing my friend Sue and I got a few gnomes made for the gift shop.  Stop by to see our latest creations along with the socks 

We call this a gnarl of gnomes

We have one cabin left for the weekend, Wildflower opens on Saturday at 165/night Saturday and 135/night mid week if you want to escape to the woods.  Book three nights and all will be at 135/night.  We are full Friday night February 2nd.  

February 10th weekend we have 2 cabins left.  We are offering a special on  Shamrock at 180/night up to 4 Friday and Sat and 155/night mid week or 200/night Fri and Sat and 170/night mid week up to 6.  Wigwam 3 bdr is also open at 235/night Fri and Sat and 190/night mid week