We have had a busy week,  Grant and the rest of the guys on the Lakeland swim team won their sectional swim meet in Hudson on Saturday.  We spent a busy couple of days getting ready to leave the resort with Steve so we could watch his races in Hudson last Saturday.

Lakeland qualified 6 individule races for state and 2 relays.  


We hope to see more podiums this weekend in Madison where Grant will swim in the 50, and 100 freestyle events where he qualified in the top 6 of both races in the state and he will swim the 200 and 400 relays with Lakeland Friday night at the Division 2 finals.  We can’t wait to see how all his practicig pays off.  Hopefully with some podium pictures and a few medals.  He will be swimming in college next year,we just are not sure where yet.


While we were running around to swim meets Steve was in charge and will be again this Friday.  He balances it all well and keeps the lights on and people happy.  Anyone arriving this Friday Steve will be greeting you until we are home Saturday 


It was time for an adventure after all that time spent in tropical pools


Off we went with snowshoes on 


The new end of the red trail was our first mission


Clomp clomp clomp through the snow


Beginning of The Valley of Darkness trail

IMG_4829 (1)

Lots of tracks in the snow


Deer path


Continuing into the valley

IMG_4833 (1)

I hear something what could it be…..  of course Steve wielding a trail blazing axe who says follow me

IMG_4834 (1)

Steve’s blinged out snow shoes.

IMG_4835 (1)

Off we go off trail with Steve.  These next trails are winter only trails across the bog.  We have considered putting in wooden walk ways but they will remain winter only

IMG_4843 (1)

Trees full of lichen as we go over the bog

IMG_4844 (2)

Where are we going?

IMG_4836 (1)

Off trail and putting the snowshoes to the test.

IMG_4837 (1)

Over the river and through the bog we go

IMG_4840 (1)

Mack taking a break along the trail.  He has had enough


Back to well trodden trails and the woodstove

Coming next wilderness trails at Winter Park are the next trail adventure as the temps warm up on skis

Then it is back to the warm pool on Friday

We have one cabin left for the weekend if you want to follow our tracks in the woods