There is snow still a foot deep and the ice is still on the lake.  In March taking pictures of snow is not exciting

Instead we have taken time to do some fun things in the northwoods

Our first stop was an escape room in Eagle River.  Google Northwoods Escape Room to check them out.  They have 3 different rooms where you spend an hour trying to figure out how to get out of the room.  We tried out their new mafia room


Here is part of the room just to give you an idea of what it looks like.  With 12 minutes to spare we made it out


We had a motley crew.  The teenagers have done about 12 of these rooms in the last 3 months.  Troy and I were in our first room.  The teens definitely had an advantage knowing what to look for.  


Ben is in his 2nd year as an accounting major and was determined to bring his parents out of the dark ages with an Excel program to do the resort books on.  He set the columns up has done his tutorial with both of his parents.  We shall see if we remember everything when he goes back to school.  The resort reservation books though are safe and in pencil and paper on the usual graph paper.  No Excel for those books yet.


During break we also got to see Ben curl on the Saint Norbert Curling team at Nationals in Eau Claire.  They beat out MIT and Harvard but ran up against Yale who took them out of the national tournament.  I think I finally understand the scoring of curling


The sock machine is going through a change.  Cranking out 600 pair of socks with my arm a year is getting my arm a little tired.  I am experimenting with getting it peddling.  Stay tuned to see if we get it going.  So far we have repurposed a little kids bike for the process and a coupling


Work is also progressing at the woodshed.  Troy, Steve and the boys are working their way through the pile of wood that has accumulated at the woodshed since last fall.  This is the only outside picture I have until more snow melts

Maple trees should be flowing fast this week with the warmer temps.  We have cabins open every weekend now in March and April starting at 135/night.  Summer openings are dwindling but we do have some June openings on a few prime cabins that are listed on the main website click on summer on the right side for the list