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Steve and Troy headed out on a mission in the woods with snowshoes on and chainsaw in hand.  What could go wrong?  

Snowshoes are not clumsy at all and you can run away from falling trees quickly….. really…..


Steve:  “I have no idea why you think this might be a bad idea….”

Off to the swamp they went


Steve in his golden snowshoes searching for the perfect trees for his project


Trees marked earlier in the winter with orange tape for the special project.  Now to cut them down and haul them out


You can see who the smart one is who chooses to haul the trees in snowshoes instead of cutting trees in snowshoes

Hauling trees out of the woods is also why they tricked me into coming into the woods with them.  I got to help


We did it!  No idea why you had workman’s comp and the insurance agency on speed dial


Steve’s project pile.  These are all destine for the stairs to the beach.  Steve and Troy are replacing all the white railings before summer

The poles will all be skinned and stained as soon as the weather cooperates


Back at the resort…. spring is springing slowly


The guys traded in their snowshoes for axes and hit the wood pile


In the last 3 weeks they have managed to put in quite a few rows into the woodshed.  This will be late summer and next fall and early winter wood


Chris Moran stopped Steve in the driveway to tell him he really needs a truck


Truck who needs a truck!  Volvos are made of tough stuff!  Doesn’t everyone haul around trees on their volvos


Chris Moran and his friends Heather and Eric Peterson are up for the week and helping Steve with a few projects.  Birchwood is on their list of things to work on.  Stay tuned.  Pictures of Birchwood getting a bit of a make over are coming.  

Eric and Chris may come up later in the month for the beach stairs project as well when the snow leaves

Amanda is missing in the picture but I hear she is milking a few cows and making cheese and will be up later in the week to join this crazy crew

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Troy has been enjoying identifying all sorts of migratory birds coming through our feeder that we only see twice a year as they go through.  Red Polls where our visitors the last few days

Our summer opening list is getting smaller and smaller.  Check it out on our website before they are all gone

April is quiet and if you want to check out what the projects are give a call.  Except for Birchwood…. I think it will have some natural air conditioning for the next week or so as we have it closed down