Troy and I left for a few days for a short trip to Door County to meet up with Jake and Michelle while the resort is quiet

Eric and Chris came up to watch the resort with their wives and families.  While we were gone they had fun with power tools and Birchwood.  I left Steve with the resort checkbook and he had plans…… Eric and Chris love to remodel… what could possibly go wrong with them all working together….  answer…. Nothing went wrong….. until we got back and they took out chain saws on the trees…. but that is a story for another day.  New picnic table for Birchwood is no on order


When we left Eric was busy taking apart things in the bathroom

IMG_5183 (1)

Chris was getting started on the windows while Steve was busy with the checkbook

IMG_5184 (1)

Meanwhile we had a good few days away in Egg Harbor and Fish Creek with Jake and Michelle. Wine and cheese were on the top of the list.


When we came back they were burning things in the fireplace


One of my requests was a window that would open in the corner which they did


New kitchen windows that are easier to open but they best was yet to come…


New dinning room windows!.  You can crank them out instead of putting wood in to open them up.  Also they are easy to clean.  The old wind0ws were so hard to take apart I am embarrassed to say how often they got washed.  The view out these new windows is amazing!


Here is Eric’s project.  New floor in the bathroom.  We ordered the same floor for the rest of the cabin coming next week. Also a new sink in the bathroom, new sink in the kitchen, counters and a new front door.  Birchwood is shinning with the improvements I think all will enjoy but it keeps the Birchwood charm.


Now to find that new picnic table after a birch tree landed on the old one…


Lake is still frozen…. it is going to be a late ice out this year