Mack:  Hey Penny, no bacon today it is slim pickings in the begging department.  Nobody around the resort

Penny:  Ok big guy we got to talk to Mother Nature….  this is unacceptable!


The deer agree with Penny and Mack… unacceptable


The only thing going on is when ever I turn my back the guys have the tools out and are making a mess in a new cabin.  Restawhile was next on the list


Really Troy this outside kitchen idea will work.  People will love the airy kitchens…


Ummm no…  much better inside


Yes Steve everyone who stays in Restawhile would like to have their bathroom sink back please

IMG_5292 (1)

Here is the finished Birchwood plus a few tools


I did steal the varnish bucket from the guys  and headed to the office for some community room beautification


Eagles Nest trees have been waking up and producing a little bit of maple sap.  We still need the warmer temps to get things really flowing.


Ice out is still a long ways off.  We have more snow coming in for the weekend before we finally see some better spring temps