We are slowly melting the lake.  It is nice to see some open water for a change.  We still have a ways to go but warm temps are in the forecast


In the meantime while we wait for the snow to melt we have started painting.  The ski shack at the lake got a fresh coat


Mack was soaking up the warm rays being the first sunbather at the beach in 2018


Steve and Troy were finishing up the remodeling touches on Birchwood


Trim going on the new windows


Steve headed to Norway for his next project with his friend Darby.  Some who read the blog will remember Steve meeting up with Darby on a ski trail this winter in the middle of Lake Katherine.  Darby has a hard time keeping his shirt on for pictures that go on the blog


The new over hang over the steps of Norway.  Ever since we remodeled Norway we always intended and discussed changing the stairs and putting up a small roof.  Well it is finally happening.  No more slippery wet steps at Norway they will be covered



It will be a very nice project to cross off the list


In other news around the resort, Troy and I finished making our maple syrup.  It was not a good year for sap and we only made about half of what we usually do.  The weather just did not cooperate to get a good sap run this year.  There is a reason folks call maple syrup brown gold.  6 quarts is 2 months of cooking and hauling buckets of sap.  We will enjoy it on pancakes all year


In family news, our youngest son Grant had his signing ceremony at the high school signing his letter of intent to swim at Saint Norbert College next fall.  Can’t wait to see this kid ripping up the new pool at Saint Norbert.  Til then it is time work out at the woodshed and swim the lake.  We are very proud of his accomplishments and can’t wait to see where it leads him.  His brother Ben is also at Saint Norbert and is a life guard in the pool unless his brother talks him back into swimming.  We are waiting to see where Jake and Michelle land with their teaching jobs yet for next fall.  All of them could be in the Fox Valley next fall


All of this is very exhausting for Mack to keep up with.  He went from sunbathing at the beach to cooling off in the remaining snow banks

Resort dogs life is exhausting