The lake is getting closer and closer to going out.  I am not sure if it will make it completely by this weekend but it will be close


There are ducks out in the mist in this picture but hard to see.  The first ones to return for the spring


We have been busy getting started on spring clean up as soon as the snow clears off.  Steve got started on Muskie’s roof cleaning it off


Steve and Troy knocked down lots of trees over the winter around the resort.  This one landed on Birchwood’s picnic table but lets not talk about that…


Negotiating the truck around one of our biggest piles of snow left to clean up the road to Eagles Nest


Here is the road to Eagles Nest with about 5 trees across it that they dropped over the winter.  I had been tripping over them for 2 months collecting maple sap from the Eagles Nest trees.  I am happy to see the road opening up


In other news, Troy and I have our first horse racing game complete and ready for sale.   This is one of the best family and group games we have played.  We played it in November and decided we could make our own version of it and sell it in the gift shop.  We have had friends and family from 2 – to 90 play this game.  It moves along quickly.  As long as you can roll a die and count to 12 you can play.  Kids love moving he horses along the track and rolling the die.  Bring your pennies and borrow our game out of the office.  We dare you to get hooked on this fun game


We have put a lot of time into designing and materials for this game.  We will be selling it for 75 dollars a set.  All hand made in Hazelhurst not China.   Or just borrow our game out of the office to try while here.  Remember to bring your pennies


This is a fun scarf I just finished for sale in the office.  It has been in production for 9 months.  Every night as I finish socks I have tied up scraps into a ball.  This scarf is made up of mostly 12 inch pieces of yarn tied together.  Someone told me this scarf tells a story.  A story of socks made.  If it is still around next winter I may just keep it

We have cabins open this weekend.  Come watch the lake melt with us.  We have a few June openings and I have made some of them nightly.  I will consider nightly rentals on the rest of them with a 4 night minimum.   Give a call for details