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We had ice out this weekend!  Saturday the 5th was officially ice out on Lower Kaubashine

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I caught this muskrat making a home under the raft.  The raft will be heading out to its usual spot soon and the muskrat will have to find a new home


We did get some work done….  but it was so nice it was time to enjoy the Northwoods too.


We had newly tuned up bikes and ready to fly down the Bearskin.  We decided to take a part of the trail we don’t go down very often.  We drove to South Blue Lake road and got on the trail there.  Our destination was the observatory deck on the south end of the trail


Some of the sites along the way were a couple of trestles


Turtle out enjoying the sun at Scott Spring


Scott Spring


1888 train shack along the trail.  I happen to know there is a geocache inside the building somewhere


Bearskin Creek Trestle


We hit our goal of the observation deck 3.7 miles from our car at South Blue Lake according to google


Water was high going down the creek

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Incredible view at the end of the deck


Back at Lower Kaubashine and time to get back to work.  Enjoying seeing open water after 6 months of ice an snow

Lots of cabins open for Mothers Day Weekend, give mom a treat and come on up the lake is open and fishing is on!