This picture was shared with me a couple of years ago by Stacy Borger.  It just seems like a good spring picture for today.

Great shot Stacy!

IMG_5523 (1)

We have a few chairs at our beach that are 70 years old or so.  I have pictures of these chairs at the beach in the early 50’s and I am not sure if they were new then or not.  Each year they get painted John Deere Green.  This year the amount of built up paint on them was too much.  I called up a welder who is going to sand blast the paint off of them.  They will have a facelift and be back at the beach better than ever for summer 2018


When I posted pictures of the chairs on Facebook I had a guest from years ago, Dick Maxwell, share more chair pics to us of the chairs from years ago.  I think we must have one of the largest old metal chair collection in Wisconsin.


Here is my grandfather, Maynard sitting in one of the chairs.  Looking at the chair holes behind his arm I know which chair it is and, yes it is still at the beach

Back to painting…..

I am posting our openings left in June that I am going to accept nightly rentals on the main website click on availability/rates and go to summer 2018 for details.  There are a few open and time to get them booked!  So if you are looking for less than a week or a week check out the page

We are now full Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial weekend.  We do have opening before and after the weekend at spring rates