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You can’t tell from Mack but it was an exciting day at the resort.  Mack was much happier at the lake fishing for bluegills than hanging up top with all the noise from machines.  Relax Mack it will all be over soon

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We were sadly loosing a bunch of old pines that were mature.  Every storm that goes through Wildflower and all the old pines around it made us wonder if the cabin was still standing.  It was time to take them down before they took out the cabin.  We also had one that was leaning towards Bayview’s porch.   Sad to see them go

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Always exciting when the crane comes.

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This big pine by Kaubashine was just being limbed.  It was healthy enough to stay, it just needed a hair cut.  The big pine leaning toward Shamrock in the back ground however did need to go and that was why the crane was here


All limbed up and the pine by Shamrock coming down

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At the playground we took out one of the big oak limbs.  We had them save part of the limb for the basketball hoop.

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It was quite the day but no calamities with the pros of Tree Removal LLC on the job

4 cabins left this weekend.  I will be doing a special on Wigwam at 155/night up to 4 people.  We also have Holiday, and Red Pine open