We have had some beautiful warm weather the last week.  The lake is warming up

IMG_5579 (1)

First of all the most exciting news, we got approval from our insurance company to put our diving platform back on the raft.  This platform was built by Maynard back in the 50’s and was loved into the early 90’s by everyone on the raft.  One of our insurance companies back then made us take it off along with removing the slide from the swimming area. Thankfully insurance has changed and both have been brought back

1958 Jungle Jims

Here it is the day the raft was launched for the first time with the diving board on

1959 Flips on the raft

Please refrain from duplicating this picture for the sake of our insurance company:)  Lets keep it to front dives.  I am going to have to police those Christian sisters who are all ready to start practicing their back dives this summer.  I also heard the diving board is great to watch for circling alligators in the water who like to circle looking for cute blonde to munch on

IMG_5581 (1)

The guys tools moved one last time to Eagles Nest

IMG_5583 (1)

Eagles Nest bathroom got a little TLC before summer. Along with an awesome new elevated toilet that every other cabin got the bathroom got a few other Steve touches


I ran into a buy on these cool wood rocking chairs.  I see them on the blue dock…. but others tell me they should go to Bear Den and Red Pine decks… we shall see


Back to enjoying quiet moments of spring