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First of all anyone interested in the diving platform update.  The three of us spent an hour scraping and getting the old paint off the metal frame.  This frame was hand made back in the 50’s and steal was bent in place

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Fresh coat of paint and looks shinny and new and not 65+ years old

On to other things, time to get the big swimming docks in


Ben came home from college a couple of weeks ago and has been put to work this spring helping his dad

Good break from studying to get outside again


Blue dock going back together


Penny keeping eye on things and waiting for someone to throw her ball.  Ball is missing from the picture as Mack once again stole it and won’t give it back to her

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On to the big brown dock.  Major discussion going on as to who was going in the water.  Ben stays quiet in the back ground hoping nobody notices him and volunteers him to go in the water

IMG_5616 (1)

Well we know who ended up in the water and who was the smart college student who organized from the shore

IMG_5614 (1)

Anyone know where my ball is?


Time for cute kids like Charlotte to come up and enjoy the docks and do some big fishing with their stylish pink poles

My favorite is when a little one like Charlotte hooks a big fish on one of these small poles.  It happens every year.

News from the lake is that the crappies have moved into the shoreline along with the bluegill for spawning.  Fishing is getting hot.  

We are full Saturday and Sunday night of Memorial Weekend.  We have openings after the weekend to June 2nd

Norway is open from May 28 to June 5th and I am doing a special on it of 155/night up to 4 people mid week and 175/night Fri and Sat up to 4 people.  Otherwise it is 195/nigh mid week and 245/night Fri and Sat up to 7

Holiday is open June 2 – 9th.  We will do nightly rentals on it at 225/night or 1550/week up to 10 people, 3 night minimum.  Or for up to 4 people 1150/week.

June 9 – 15 Blackwood 2 bdr 1090/6nights

June 16 – 23rd Birchwood 2bdr 1275/week or 190/night 4 night minimum, Shamrock 3 bdr 1665/week or 245/night 4 night minimum

June 22 – 29 Red Pine 4 bdr home 2620/week or 385/night 4 night minimum