We have been scurrying all week and the place is finally ready for summer.  The chairs are just waiting to be filled

IMG_5668 (1)

Steve and Troy were busy getting the diving board back on the raft.  We gave it new wood and it needed a little finishing touch to fit on the platform


The platform got a good scraping and new paint to make it look brand new


Wa La…. I love it when a plan comes together says Steve


Ta Da… he is like a movie star at the Oscars happy with his work

Now to get it on the raft


Wrangle up some help 


All good things go down the boat shoot


Carefully going out on the dock

IMG_5676 (1)

What could possibly go wrong with this picture….

IMG_5677 (1)

Many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t

IMG_5678 (1)

This is like the raising of the flag in the war monument 

IMG_5679 (1)

Good work guys!

IMG_5680 (1)

While all that craziness was going on with the raft, little Charlotte was catching fish with her dad and happy as can be with her pink pole


Three generations of the Sewell family were having a great week catching panfish.  The spawning season is the best time to go panfishing!


Nothing like cleaning fish and filling the freezer


Hope your path takes you through the resort in the next few months.  

We are ready for Summer 2018!