It has been a beautiful week since the rain came.  


The hillside greening up 


Steve and his buddy Darby have started a new project.  They are replacing all the rails down to the beach


They spent time this winter and spring gathering 32 rails and skinning them 

IMG_5712 (2)

Steve is pulling out the big posts as well.  They had been starting to rot out

IMG_5713 (2)

Last summer when they buried our electric lines down the road, Steve gathered a few of the left over power poles so we could turn them into posts to the beach

Darby digging a fresh hole to put the post in


Looking good and ready for the rails


They have worked their way half way down the steps with the new rails

Rumor has it that they will not be white anymore… stay tuned


Time to get to the beach and enjoy the quiet under the moon