One of our largest crews of the summer arrived on Saturday for the first wave.  Many more to come and go over the next 2 weeks

First night out was at Otto’s Beer Garden to celebrate their 50 week count down to vacation.

Many toasts and smiles around the table as everyone toasted being together


If you have a big group in the summer Otto’s with its beautiful outdoor seating is definitely an affordable and comfortable stop


The special was a bacon burger with peanut butter.  It was an interesting combination.  Otto’s is always pushing the button on new things to try

If you do go there check out the outside kitchen to see if Grant is cooking up your food.  He has joined the Otto’s crew for the summer until he goes to college.  Ben is just down the street at the Everything Jerky store.  Katie’s boys are all over town.  Conner is the golf pro at Settlers Mill mini golf, Max is running the golf carts at Holiday Acres and Sam is making fries in the kitchen of Hoggie Doggies.  All or some of them can be spotted on Fridays and Saturdays at the resort raking and picking up garbage.  


On the way home a doe and her her fawn in the background were spotted


 A sunset cruise on Lower Kaubashine was the perfect way to cap off the beginning of vacation


Many ask, what do you do on vacation in Wisconsin.  Those that understand how to do nothing and have no schedule understand this picture and know what paradise is.  Those that jam pack their vacation jumping from one thing to another might not get it, but these ladies do.  Don’t ask them what is for dinner that is decided at 4 pm when the sun leaves the dock and they are done doing nothing for the day.  2 weeks of special moments with friends and family doing nothing that means something.  That is what makes the other 50 weeks of the year worth it