There have been quiet moments at the lake in the last week.  This sunrise picture was shared with me by Stacy (Borger) Keleyweg.  She was out in the Kayak with her dog Toby at sunrise.  Toby is still sleeping but Stacy was awake.  Thanks for sharing Stacy!


Tom and Murry Hixson where surprised by one or two of their friends with a 50 anniversary party.  Congrats to Tom and Murry and many many more!


Great food, great vocal entertainment, great wine, and even greater friends.  Happy to celebrate their special milestone with a Scottish Twist.  The Scottish bar song that was sung in their honor was something that will be talked about for years.


Our weekly horse racing and wine tasting evening was a hit.  You could hear the cheers for the winning horses all the way to Norway Pines.  These girls took their playing seriously


What do you mean I have to pay a penny?  I like my pennies

The best part is when the teacher in September asks her what she did on summer vacation and she tells the teacher I was betting on the ponies


Back to enjoying quiet moments.  Marie Voight enjoying the new chairs at Red Pine that Troy just finished putting together.  The chairs are Marie approved



Little does Marie know but while she was enjoying her chair her grandsons where down competing with the girls for pennies in the horse races

The Adam and Samuel caught on quickly and won more pennies than they came with.  Grandpa Horst and their Dad Roy would be proud.  

We have a surprise arriving for the beach this week.  These kids are all hoping it comes before they have to go home.  Stay tuned.   We are all waiting for the UPS truck to come in the driveway.  The UPS driver may be scared when he is mobbed by kids and adults all anxious for the delivery