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4th of July means one thing.  Time to pole dance with the horse shoes

We have done this tournament for almost 30 years.  It was renamed the Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament 3 years ago when we lost Mr T.  It is faithfully attended by all in  his honor and toasts are made to Roy


The newbie this year was Steve throwing his first shoes.


No Steve you were the visitor not home….. and out in the first round


Also out in the 1st round was Katie, who made the mistake of not having a Hilltop drink before playing.  She was a little stiff from not practicing the offseason.  


Someone else though did have a Hilltop Pain Killer before the first match


One Pain Killer and a good partner, Rich, and we ended game 1 with a 3 point ringer and one point shoe


By the 2nd and 3rd game which require a half a Pain Killer each and good music Rich and I hit our stride and where pole dancing with the shoes


We ended game three the same as game one.  We were on a roll


The crowd watching the matches also required a few Pain Killers and Kaubashine Koolers


One more match against Grace and Chris Moran and on to the Championships


Rich had to present to Chris his award.  Every year it seems Rich takes Chris out of the tournament…. and once again it happened….  Rich presented him a gift certificate for Charlies Ice Cream for getting licked again.  There is always next year Chris!


In the end it was Sarah and Paul in 2nd place and…… drum roll please….


Yep good music and a couple of Hilltop Pain Killers and you can be a whiner too


Cook Out after to celebrate

Happy 4th everyone! and a toast to Mr Tungett