It has been a wonderful family week at the resort.  Lots of fun being had by generations of families

I caught a lot of grandparents enjoying time with their grandkids this week. 

Jim Michael went past me with his beach hat on and yellow swim raft heading to the beach where his grand daughters were.  I talked him into posing for a picture with his floatie and hat.  He could not have a bigger smile on his face headed to the beach for his favorite week of the year


Jackie Thompson enjoying her 2nd summer as a grandma with her cute grand daughter Ellie

Jackie usually is sitting on the dock enjoying the sun and a book.  As soon as Ellie arrived she happily headed to the beach to enjoy building sandcastles with Ellie.


One of my favorite grandparents at the resort is Jean and Howard Berchtold. They spend 2 weeks at the resort with their family and one week by themselves.  Jean and Howard have more grandkids than I can keep track of and great grandkids. Spending time with them at the lake and getting them to help grandma and grandpa to understand their iPhones and iPads is what they enjoy. The whole Berchtold family only needs to hear their is a game going on and they are there and Jean and Howard are always game to join in.  Jean was winning pennies in the horse racing game and heading off with more than she came with


Gina her daughter inlay was not far behind in the winnings.  The more wine the more they were having fun cheering on the horses in our weekly horse racing evening


Lots of fun was had by all from grandparents, parents, inlaws, outlaws, kids, and friends

The rule this week is have fun with your family no excuses.  If you need more pennies see grandma Jean 


We added in a game of Werewolf this week.  The 18 – 22 year olds in the resort have been playing a form of this game called Mafia for the last few years.  Our boys introduced us to the game last winter.  It is a great campfire game for groups.  Black’s Cliff has been invaded by werewolves…..  all must gather and figure out who the werewolves are before the devour the entire resort…  play if you dare…..  you may or may not survive…


We had 18 playing on a cold rainy afternoon at the resort   Nick was our moderator leading the voting of who was the werewolves.   Grandpa Berchtold was our Seer but was eaten quickly by the werewolves…


Lots of laughs and discussions of who could have left Grandpa Berchtold dead by the lake… little did they know the werewolves were some of the innocent looking people above.  Even if a kid looks innocent can they be trusted?

Best quote of the day

Lindsay Stoddard to her Sister Arden:  Arden I think you are a werewolf. 

Arden Stoddard back to her sister:  Lindsay if I was a werewolf you would have been dead 2 turns ago.  I am not a werewolf


We had our own family time spending a week with all three of our boys home.  Time to have a campfire.

Good times at the resort for all