The foggy August mornings have returned



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The muskie list at Hilltop has grown over the summer with some nice fish caught


I spent a very busy week at two days of craft fairs in Mercer at Loon Days and Minocqua at After Loondelight


Meanwhile back at the resort everyone was relaxing.  The Thompson family held their own horse racing night at the picnic table by Muskie.  I hear the kids were the big winners and had lots of pennies to turn into dimes for the pinball game


The Darling Family enjoying a cool evening by the fire

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I have eaten Blue Cheese hamburgers from one end of the Northwoods to another.  I have decided to rate Lakeside grills Blue Cheese burger hands down the best in the Northwoods.  From its fresh bun to its caramelized onions with the Blue Cheese it is delightful after a busy week

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