Regardless if it is raining outside or not, do not bring your grill up on to the wooden entrance porch and light it.  We almost lost Kaubashine this week to a fire.  A guest in the rain brought the grill up on the porch and grilled.  They where done and covered the grill and went inside to eat.  The grill coals left outside where not out and they smothered a hole through the wooden porch and started the side of the cabin on fire.  We luckily heard crackling of the cedar siding on fire from our house and came to investigate.  One more minute and we would have had a different story to tell of rebuilding cabin.  The fire melted the light, torched the siding and also the underneath of the overhang.  We will be working the next few weeks to repair the damage.  Thankfully nothing worse happened

This is just reminder to all to be careful of where you have grills, and making sure they are out.  Ashes from the fireplace can also pose a threat for fire.  Regardless if you think ashes are hot or cold if disposing of them we have metal garbage cans around the resort for ashes to go in.  Please think of this picture when grilling or enjoying fires around the resort


In other news around the resort after 18 years from when Norway was remodeled, the island outlet was never hooked up.  The Kurtz family asked about it and Steve went under the cabin and discovered for some reason it  was never finished.  Well it now works!   Yeah!


As usual there were a few trees to take down.  This balsam was dead and ready for fall on our LP gas tanks


Crash, bang, boom problem solved


Last week the Chu girls stopped in to collect the pop tabs the had been saved in the resort over the year.  Marin loaded up the back of the family mini van with tabs to go to the Ronald McDonald House.  Thanks to all who saved them.  Keep bringing them up when you come and the pile for next year will grow

Our family spent a week at a Ronald McDonald House when one of our boys had to have surgery few years ago and we will always be thankful to the help and support our family received from The Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield.  It is a an amazing organization for families


We had some very small feet on Emily that we needed to have water skis for this week.  Emily laughed and gave the smallest ones I set in the office as decoration a try.  They are Aqua Land skis from the 60’s I think.  Even though Emily did not get up on them it was fun to try


Grant took his first solo spin in the old red boat this week.  The boys have been busy working at their jobs earning money for college this summer and little time to ski.  It was time for them to have some fun at the lake.  Grant definitely got the bug for driving the boat and even drove his first family skier.  The boat passes to the next generation of drivers