It has been a beautiful warm week at the resort.  These early morning pictures where shared by Jennifer Lynn.  Thanks for sharing!




You can tell from the clothes lines that everyone has been enjoying the lake and warm temps


Lori and her daughter Dani Macomber have not been to the resort in a few years and this time came with Dani’s husband and their little girls.  Nice to see them all having fun back at the Cliff.  They wanted to do a big hello wave to Donna Pyfer


Another gathering of long time guests was happening in Bayview.  The Sweet/Lustig/Goldwyn crew wishes Mel and Diane Goldberg could have joined them but a lot of laughs and stories were told on Bayview’s porch


The fire was going for the 7th annual Wiederhoeft family campfire but the family was not ready yet.  I will catch them later in the week.  

Our fall reservation book is filling up fast.  Give a call if you would like to come up.  Christmas to New Years is wide open right now for most of the cabins give a call if you want to join us for when the snow flies