Beautiful Sunsets this week


The Wasson family shared this great picture of their mom Eileen water skiing at 85!  Awesome Eileen we all wish we could do this at 85.  Keep skiing!


Some other guys I know where more interested in being passengers in at the ski boat instead of skiing.  Troy and his college buddy Mike hanging out.  Mike always finds things to help with around the resort when he comes up.


Today it was helping Troy drain the water out of the pontoon boat and rescue a stranded pontoon boat out in the lake


But most of the time when Mike and his wife Kris are here this is what is going on…  


Mike’s daughter McKenzie showing her boyfriend Rueben the ins and outs of kayaking


Meanwhile Kris and I took a trip over to Katie’s house to take a ride on her horses.  Katie just added her 3rd horse the white one and needed to take them all out on the trail for the first time.  If you get a chance to head out to our local stables there is nothing like a horse ride through the woods.  Knowing Katie well enough to go riding with her is even better



Back at the resort it was all fun and games


If you sent an email in the last day or so please resend.  Our internet provider was down and I missed emails for a day and a half along with having our website down