We have hired a new writer for her first foray into being published.  Steve’s daughter Bella has started the new Black’s Cliff Magazine.  She is writer, editor and publisher (publishing with a little help from dad at the copy store).  Bella’s first edition is hot off the presses and can be picked up in our office area.  If you are lucky it is hand delivered to your cabin by the publisher after school


Stay tuned for the Winter, Spring and Summer editions.  She loves letters to the editor if you take the time to read the magazine turn in a comment or two to the editor letting her know you enjoyed her magazine


In other news the locals have been stopping in each evening for a dinner of acorns on the playground


Lots of great campfires this week


The Jung’s hanging out missing the rest of the family but enjoying quiet moments with their friendly visitor who did not notice the locals on the playground yet


We took Mack on a geocache adventure.  The resort has gotten a little quiet so we have escaped on a few adventures


We headed off after 8 caches on the Awassa Trails in Saint Germain.  They are right behind the Saint Germain School and Flea Market area


When we go caching people wonder what we are looking for that have not cached before.  Here is one of the caches we found on the trail using our phone Geocaching app.


We signed the log book and put the cache back in the container


Down the trail to find 7 more caches with our Geo Dog


Stay tuned for more fall adventures.