The yellow ball of the sun finally made an appearance today.  After all the rain and cloudy weather this was a welcome change

I have been hinting at a project we have started at the resort.  Well here is the long awaited update.  What could it be?


It all started a couple of weeks ago with the cleaning up and clearing of trees in the open area on the road to Eagles Nest.  Steve and Troy took out a few more trees to make room for a storage building we are putting up in the area.  Sorry no it is not a new cabin, don’t tempt Steve with those words as he is always planning.  This winter or pontoon boats all 4 of them will be stored away in a new building


But it did involve renting fun big machines.  First up was a back hoe to take out all the stumps


Steve quickly learned back hoes are fun.  He got the hang of it quickly as Troy cleaned up behind him



Lots of stumps were pulled


Then came the truck from Menards with the new building material on it


Today it is the skid steer.  Steve is having a bit too much fun with these new machines.  I am waiting for him to find one on Craig’s List


I like this one too!  And I have plans beyond the building site if we have time


Skid steers are great for filling in pot holes we found out


Back to the main job on this beatiful day leveling out the building site.  Getting ready to build.  Stay tuned building starts tomorrow I hear

This weekend we have 2 cabins left we will take 2 night minimum stays now.  We also have 8 cabins open for the weekend of October 27th if you need to escape to the Northwoods and see what is going on for yourself

My Christmas sock yarn just arrived.  I will post pictures of it next week if anyone wants to order any.  I have time for just a couple more Christmas Stockings if you were thinking of ordering some let me know they are 60 each with name on.