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It was a quiet weekend at the resort.  Leaves have fallen and the crowds have left


We filled the weekend with friends.  The Snodgrass and Hixson crew arrived for some fun at The Hazelhurst Pub for fish fry and helping with our new building and heading to the craft fair at the high school with me


The walls were going up this week with Troy, Steve and Chris Moran working together


Keeping things straight


Chris pounding nails and keeping an eye on what Steve is up to


Why would Chris be concerned about what Steve was doing….  I see no reason for concern here… just a little Northwoods pole dancing


Then came the real inspectors.  Tom and Murry making sure all was straight


Tom decided to show off his lumberjack skills he honed in during his years in Chicago traffic.  He may be trying out for The Lumberjack Show next summer


Meanwhile Murry entered her first craft fair joining me and the sock machine at the High School this weekend.  It was her first craft fair and sure to not be her last

See you all next summer if not before