The Snow has arrived.  We received a couple of inches last night.  The ice is starting to form on the shoreline.  Mack was checking it out and definitely keeping his paws on the shoreline


Before the snow came the work on our boat barn was getting closer to getting the roof on

The boats are waiting to get under roof before more snow comes


I have sold my final Christmas stocking for 2018.  My wall of stockings was full this summer but they have all slowly left.  If you would like stockings for your family get on my 2019 list and make your requests.  They are 60 dollars each and that includes the name 

IMG_6915 (1) IMG_6916 (1) IMG_6917 (1)

I have been busy at work on Christmas socks, gloves and headbands.  If you are interested in any email me at

If you receive the Our Wisconsin magazine check out the December/January issue for a story about my sock machines and the story of my sock business.  If you want any socks for Christmas I can text pictures of what is done in the size you are looking for and ship them.  With the article coming up and 4 craft fairs don’t wait long for the best selection