Our longest running hunting group the Evans guys led by Grandpa Dan and his son Jeff enjoy all 10 days of the hunt with us.  They have over the years built the deer stands you see along our hiking trails.  They have spent many special moments with Jeff’s sons in the woods enjoying time together over 3 generations hunting together.  Dan is 83 and headed to the woods with a smile on his face


Phil and the guys are in their 18 year hunting with us staying in Norway.  They are trying out some of our hunting land on our new forty this year for the first time. Hopefully they see some deer


The Walstad crew led by Rick are in their 4th year enjoying the 10 day hunt through Thanksgiving in Muskie.  


We have two new groups of hunters both who have in the past stayed in area hotels and are loving the cabins this year.  The Fargo crew will be hunting our swamp 40 for 3 days introducing hunting to the next generation.  


Smiles say it all with the Welnak crew. No more staying in motels and hunting for this group.  Enjoying Birchwood and getting ready for early morning tomorrow

It was nice to see some younger guys with our groups up participating a wonderful tradition with their fathers and grandfathers.  

Anybody in the Stevens Point area on Sunday stop at the Holiday Convention Center at the Tinsel Trail craft fair where I will have the sock machine whirling around and all the socks for sale.  First time I have traveled out of the Mincoqua Area for a craft fair