We had a very busy weekend with all of the boys home for Thanksgiving. We did not take the usual Thanksgiving pictures of all our groups as we were on the road to cook a turkey at the nursing home where Troy’s mom is.  It was a special Thanksgiving spending time with her.  If you ever wonder how to pull off a full home cooked Thanksgiving meal at a nursing home see Troy and I. That is what Thanksgiving is all about and one we will not forget.

We also spent our usual time playing games as a family.  We tried out an escape room game that comes in a box. We did solve it in time.  


I will have this to borrow out of the office, check with me to check it out.  It will not be in the main rec room but in my office to check out


Christmas lights went up around the resort.  Friday is always a tradition of getting the lights up.  

Ben and Grant enjoy the challenge


The Our Wisconsin December and January issue just came out.  If you get the magazine or pick one up at most stores in Wisconsin that sell magazines you will find on page 10 – 11….


The story of the sock machines that I have and the sock shop


My friend Linda Wrobel asked if she could write a story about my sock machines this summer.  She submitted the article and we got a call 2 days later from the magazine wanting to print the article.  The magazine is written by submitted articles from its readers.  All the photography is also submitted from readers.  Linda’s payment from the magazine is an amish pie baked by one of the monthly writers who is amish.  He writes a monthly article for the magazine about 2 weeks on his farm every issue along with baking a lot of pies to send out to all the selected story writers.  Big thank you to Linda for taking the time to write about the machines and socks


Back to work for Darby and Steve finishing up our boat barn.  


Troy was busy filling up the spaces with all the chairs and pontoon boats

Back to sock making as the phone has been ringing continuously for sock orders from the article.  If you are thinking of ordering any socks for Christmas don’t wait the supply gets less each day