The snows been piling up outside on the trees.  I have been definitely enjoying the camera on the iPhone 10.  The quality of the pics capturing winter and the trees shows it






Laughing in Birchwood I found this sign on a screw the guys must have sent through the wall.  One of our guests I don’t know who left some commentary on the wall.  Gave me a laugh as I was cleaning


Troy has started the fire pit wood pile for next summer.  Splitting wood in the cold is when the wood warms you twice once while making and then again when burning.  He works hard to make sure we have dry wood.  Make sure to know the work Troy puts in keeping the fires going.  


Steve and Darby putting the final touches on our new building this week.  Lots of screwing and hammering going on.  


If you are interested in one of Troy’s horse racing games give a call.  He sold all his games but has two new ones almost ready to go for Christmas they are 65 dollars and guaranteed to keep mother in laws, crazy uncles and high energy kids busy at Christmas playing instead of fighting.