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Usually we call red squirrels public enemy number 1 for being bad neighbors.  They like to break in cabins when they can and chew on windows, they chatter from the trees and have been known to drop pinecones on people not expecting it.   This little squirrel though we have started to feel sorry for.  We watched him all summer gather up hundreds pinecones in the front yard for his winter food


Here is the pile he made.  However he has had some interloping free loaders stopping in

The usually nicer and friendlier gray squirrel.  Sneaking in while the little red squirrel was up a tree


Getting closer


Making a dash for the pile


In comes the little red chasing off the free loaders.  This goes on for hours until a big golden chases them all off

The little red has been running from the pile to the stairwell at Kaubashine we think he is relocating his stash… that is til the grays catch on