Katie and Bryon have tried to get us to go out fat tire biking with them the last couple of years.  Last night was perfect to try it out.  Temps where in the upper 20’s and the snow was perfect.  Candles lighting up the trail along with all the lights on bikes and helmets made it fun


This is a fat tire bike.  The wheels are extra big.  Katie uses hers all year round going through sand and snow.  


Ready to head off on the zipline mountain bike trail.  Bryon and the Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Association keep this trail along with a couple of others in tip top shape year round.  Want to know about the trails just ask Bryon.

Who’s finger is in the picture?  That would be George Callis’s finger who used to own Horhay’s coffee shop in Minocqua who was taking the pic for us


Down the trail we went.  It is a 2 way trail at times so headlights of on coming bikes along with the candles made it a magical experience.  I took no more pics on the tail as I was spending my time negotiating the winding trail and avoiding trees.  We all said we would love to do it again


Happily made it back to the trail head.  Bikers were taking breaks and heading right back out on the mile long trail


And of course a great fire to keep everyone warm