As I type this heart felt special blog entry I sit with my sister trying to sum up what was so special about Amy Tempel-Hebert, who we both grew up with and knew her entire life.  We lost her this weekend after a long battle with 4 transplants over 5 years.  Amy had a spirit of never giving up and a love of her family and the Northwoods.  She fought to the end and we are all better for knowing her.  The picture above says it all about Amy she had a wonderful laugh and smile that we will never forget.  Katie and I are passing the kleenex as we type this


Amy and her family came to the resort her whole life.  She meet many friends particularly Leanne Pyfer who were inseperable playing Barbies on the swinging bed.  This led to a legacy Leanne and Amy carried on to their own children.  Lots of laughs and special times over the generations.  


Katie and I had fun finding old pictures of Amy with her life long buddy Leanne.  Here they are as teenagers on the pontoon boat with their 80’s hair


Amy and Leanne with their first children Abigail and Delanie.  There is just something special about a bond formed playing on these horse swings 




Amy’s first transplants came 5 years ago but whenever she was sick in the hospital she told the doctors she had to be be better by July as she was not going to miss time at the lake with her family and friends.  When you talked with her about what was going on in her life she never dwelled on her problems she lived and enjoyed every minute with her girls and husband Charles, brother Mark, parents Ted and Joey and all the friends she had at the resort, including Katie and I.


People usually stick to just vacationing with one fixed group at the resort.  Amy came a week earlier than the rest of her friends and family to get an extra week in the Northwoods.  Her easy going personality allowed her to easily bond and become a welcome addition to our 4th of July crew.  Everyone enjoyed her



She was always up for an adventure as long as it included her girls and Charles


Months away from her double liver and kidney transplant this last summer she gathered the energy to do the zip line in Minocqua.  She was absolutely exhausted and on the couch after doing this but the gleam in her eyes talking about accomplishing this as a quadruple transplant survivor was the highlight of her vacation last summer


Amy put up her last battle for the last couple of months and the world lost a special person this weekend


Our condolences go out to her parents Ted and Joey who lost an amazing daughter

IMG_6176 (2)

Mark lost his sister who loved to be a part of her life especially making candy sushi


Charles who lost his best friend and partner



Abagail and Lauren a loving mother

The rest of us lost a good friend who will always be remembered by her Northwoods resort family


Amy would want us to remind everyone of the gift of organ donation cause it gave her the gift of a priceless 5 more years with her family.