Mack is reporting today that it is -8 with a windchill he would rather not talk about


Headed down to the lake and the raft looks chilly no sun bathers today


Skating rink wind swept with snow



This is as far as I was walking in the cold.  We expect 3 more days of cold and the temps get much better this weekend

There is a ski race at Winter Park and the Three Dog Sled race is going on in Land O Lakes a sight to see

We have 6 cabins open this weekend if you need to get out or hibernate by a fireplace


Woodshed well stocked


Sign it is cold out I cleaned my desk in the house.  This only happens when it is cold out. 

We did get a few summer cancelations our availability is online at

Last night Norway opened June 8 – 15th 1825/week along with Bayview 13130/week and 6 nights on Blackwood June 8 – 14th 1100/6nights

I still have Bear Den 4 bdr 2700/week open July 12 – 19th and July 26 – August 2nd

Kaubashine 1825/week August 10 – 17th and Blackwood August  – 16th 1540/week

We have openings earlier and later in the summer than these dates as well call or check out the website.  Our new availability chart you just enter your starting date and you can see what is open, rate and minimum nights stay.  I have it up to date through October 31st and will add more dates soon