After being minus 30 degrees for more days than we would like to talk about last week it went to almost 32 the last 2 days.  Wildlife came out of hiding and so did we


Cold?  What cold?


It was actually kind of foggy today.  This is the calm before the storm.  We have a ice storm coming in tonight followed by more snow.  Hopefully we don’t loose electricity


We might see the end of ice rink with this next round of storms.  Ice with follow up snow is not a good thing for lake rinks.  Our rink I think was run over by ATV’s in the cold.  


Looking down the cracks through the ice it looks like the ice is about 2 feet thick


Fog rolling off the lake



Warm enough that a good roll in the snow is heaven

I just went through our availability calendar for February adding in some specials on our larger cabins where I could especially around Valentines Day.  Check them out at they are labeled as Hot Deals in the chart

We have also picked up several Summer Cancellations which are also in the chart.  Just enter a starting date and page forward to see them pop up