It has been a very snowy week with snow measured in feet.  Mike and Jeannie Flesch shared their snow shoeing pics in the snow as it was coming down.  


When the snow was done and the sun came out it was pretty and time to start the clean up.  Steve plowed for 2 days getting everything cleaned up and I think he is finally tired of plowing




We had several big branches come down.  Happy to say no loss of electric.  So happy the electric lines are now buried



Lots of shoveling.  Bear Den’s deck full of snow


Troy making sure the chimneys where open and not clogged with snow


Mike and Jeannie got lots of snow shoeing in.  I caught them on another one of their adventures breaking trail through the woods


We spent the weekend watching Grant swim in the Midwest Championships in Iowa.  He won the B heat of the 200 free getting 9th along with 10th in the 50 and 8th in 100 free.  It was exciting to watch


Middle lane in the front of the B heat of the finals.  Now back to training swimming across Lower Kaubashine this summer to get ready for next year.  For now he is back with his brother Ben at Saint Norbert studying back at the grind stone.  Ben will be off to Curling Nationals in Massachusetts in a couple of weeks.  Jake and Michelle made it home this last weekend for a quick visit and snowshoe 

We are all waiting for summer!

In the meantime we have all sizes of cabins open this coming weekend and more snow on the way.  Time to come play