Winter is holding on and giving us more yet to come  We are expecting a foot of additional snow this weekend


Time to clean off the roofs before the next big storm.  Troy uses the roof rake for the easy stuff but he and Steve had to get up on some of the porch roofs to shovel them off by hand.  Most of the roofs can handle the weight but we take snow off the worst ones


They cleaned off Wigam porch while I was gone.  Big pile of snow in front of the cabin


Wigwam somewhere behind the snow blower snow as Troy cleans up the front of the cabin


I have had enough of snow for awhile says both of them.  Mack says taking care of business crawling through snow piles to find his favorite spots to do things is not fun anymore.  Troy reminds him shoveled paths are not open season


A foot more of snow?  Not sure where we are going to put it

I do have a few prime weeks open this summer

June 1 – 8  Eagles Nest 920/week, Wigwam 1200/week, Norway 1300/week

June 8 – 15 Wildflower 1310/week, Norway 1825/week, Blackwood 6 nights Sat to Friday 1120/ 6 nights

June 14 – 21 Blackwood 1310/week

July 26 – August 2 Bear Den 2700/week

July 27 – August 2nd Blackwood special 5 night opening 200/night

August 3 – 10th Wildfloer 1310/week

August 10 – 17th Kaubashine 1825/week 

August 17 – 24 Wigwam 1715/week and Blackwood August 16 -23 1540/week

Give a call with questions on cabins 715 356 3018