If snow in the pines is something you enjoy we have plenty of it with more coming this weekend

With snow banks covering everything and the cabins slowing down a bit we have started off on a few spring projects and additions


We just received a shipment of stuff for the gift shop.  This was Steve’s choice for loon calls


I have had fun playing around with the loon flute.  It requires a little fiddling but fun


Following their numbers moving this in and out of the flute you can make all 4 calls

Check them both our for demos in the gift shop this summer.  We have a few other fun things arriving yet.  I finally found some Mugs I liked and Steve with have his Northwoods book nook in the shop, Troy found a neat dice cup holder with the lake emblem on it.  Stay tuned as shipments arrive I will picture them


Bear Den is getting a bit of a make over this spring.  Primarily in the basement.  Starting with new flooring and a replacement for the ping pong table


The new flooring just arrived.  I believe it will be like the floors in Muskie and Wildflower but I was not with Steve when he picked it out so not 100 percent sure


A air hockey game is the replacement for ping pong.  It was voted on by Ben, Grant and Jake.  I have a couple or other things we are adding but I will wait to announce till I hit the buy it button.  They are Ament/Stoddard/Moore family approved.  Gobbling dots is my hint


Upstairs the new stools arrived.  There are rumbles about a new table and chairs.  Rumbles about buying some more pine paneling for bedrooms has been broached and discussed if time permits.  I know I purchased a new saw for the projects as Troy and Steve burned through the motor on our last portable saw last fall.  


We have another 5 – 8 inches of snow coming this weekend….  The guys have informed me they have retired from roof shoveling, no more shoveling

I do have a couple of partial week openings at Blackwood that cropped up.  June 8 – 14th is still open, June 17 to leaving June 21st and July 27th for 5 days leaving August 2nd all at Blackwood 2bdr.  Check out our availability list at for prices and pics of Blackwood 1/2 mile from resort on the lake.

Bear Den 4 bdr is open for a prime week yet this summer July 26 – 2nd at 2700/week