The snow is measured in feet on the lake and in the woods.  The deer are sticking to plowed roads and paths as much as they can.  They have a trail worn along the lake on the ice


Troy has started laying Bear Den’s new basement floor.  It is looking good!  He is happy to have an indoor project this week


I have heard rumblings the wood on the back wall covering a unfinished fireplace may get knotty pine covering it , but that is for next week


We spent the weekend watching Ben in the College National Curling finals in Boston.  It was great fun to see on line from home.  We cheered him on as Saint Norbert finished in the top 8 they were beat out by MIT to go into the top 4.  Instead of going to the finals when they were eliminated he and the guys headed sightseeing around Boston.  I heard the seafood was fabulous but he was happy to return to the less crowded mid west where people are friendlier.  He though Green Bay was big where Saint Norbert is until he did rush hour traffic at Ohare in Chicago and dealt with the traffic around Boston.  Good experience but nice to be home


Steve and family left for spring break to South Carolina.  They left me home with the plow truck and huge piles of snow.  The plowing is definitely not being as well done as when Steve does it but we have kept the driveway open.  Getting to the dumpster has become more and more of a challenge


There is one very sad dog who is waiting as well for Steve, Jen and Bella to come home.  She is enjoying a week of chasing squirrels around the resort but misses her family


We are spending the week on inside projects.  The horses for the Northwoods Derby will be getting racing stripes and ready for summer play

Temps are headed above freezing starting tomorrow and we hope to have the snow start melting.  Maple tree tapping is starting tomorrow a sure sign of spring