Spring has sprung and it was time to tap the trees.  The thick snow made getting to the trees hard.  I adjusted what trees we were tapping due to the snow depth.  I have abandoned the trees at Eagles Nest as getting in out of there would have been thigh high to waist high snow.  Instead I put more on our usual close trees and tapped a few new ones


The trail to all the taps is a good spring work out.  It is all worth it when you smell the sap cooking over a fire or on pancakes through the year.

The trees are just waking up and a drip here and there.  Hopefully next week they really get going.  Snow depth, angle of the sun and temps going to low 40’s and freezing at night are all triggers for the trees to get flowing


Tools of the trade that you have to slug through 3 feet of snow


The deer continue to stick to the trails.  With the rain we received the last couple of days it has shrunk down the snow and given it an icy crust



Fog rolling through the resort


Beach path definitely showing signs of melting.  All the branches and stuff that came down in the ice storms is also littering the resort as the snow melts away.  We have  lot of melting to do before clean up can start