The Gibson family is on spring break this week and off on a trail,  We get asked all the time where and when do you get away when you live at the resort.  Spring Break is a great time to get out of the woods for awhile.  Never fear Steve is back at the resort keeping everything humming along along with Chris Moran cabins are being taken care of check ins and check outs are all getting done.  Calling the resort for reservations though might be a little difficult as the mountains we are in are not the best for cell service but we do have good WIFI for emails if you need anything

Down the trail we go…


The end of our trail and a beautiful view of the Smokie Mountains


Selfie pic of the crew.  We had everyone with us but Jake’s wife Michelle who has to work this week


Icicles were breaking loose and crashing on to the trail from above.  Troy is quickly dashing down the trail hoping nothing crashes down on him Ben and Ali in the background


Pictures of snow and lake will be back in a few days but til then we are having fun in the Smokies