We returned home to some definitely warmer temps.  This squirrel was soaking up the warmer rays in the trees.  There is still a lot of snow and ice to melt but it is slowly going away


While we were gone Steve and Chris Moran put in 14 new counters around the resort along with sinks and faucets.  I have found some of them but still being surprised walking in cabins to the new changes.  This new counter was for Bear Den’s bathroom.  We also had Red Pine zoned for heating while we were gone.  The basement did not have heat control before just had heat when the upstairs was turned on.  Now it has a 2nd zone in the basement and we hope folks enjoy that.  Red Pine also got some fireplace work which I did not get a picture of.  We took off the glass doors.  I can’t wait to see it


Steve was also in the door buying mode.  The upstairs bedrooms in Bear Den are all getting new doors.  The thin 70’s doors are on the way out

He has til April 12th to have Bear Den and Red Pine changes done as they are rented that weekend.  I am at work on Rec Room games for Bear Den making it a true place for families to have fun.  Pac Man anyone?


Back to the melting.  We do still have snow but significantly less


You know the lake is safe due to Mack going out on it without hesitation


Raft and boats are slowly appearing from under all the snow


Still a lot of ice out there.  Warm temps this week should do a lot to start the lake turning darker colors.  The maple trees have just started flowing and we have sap cooking on the wood stove.  Hopefully we get a good season for sap and it does not warm up too fast


Back to melting

I am continuing through April to offer lower rates on our larger cabins at 165/night for up to 4 on all of the 3bdrs.  The regular 2 bdrs are at 135/night and Birchwood at 155.  Come on up and watch the lake melt with us.  

After being in all the hassle and bustle of traffic and freeways to the south and crowds it makes you appreciate the quiet and uncrowded Northwoods in March and April.  We may not have warm beaches in Spring but we have a lot of everything else to relax and unwind with