We are starting to see signs of melting.  The lake is slowly changing color around the edges and the beach has been spotted under all the snow.  July still seems a long way off


With all the melting it is uncovering all the branches that came down in the ice storms this winter.  We are going to have quite the spring clean up when everything melts.  Snow is still about a foot deep through the resort


The maple trees have really got going.  The clear sap boils down to the brown syrup over time.  We have just started cooking it down and the smell of maple is through our house.  Hopefully we get a week of good say runs


My gnome creator stopped in and was quite creative.  These will be headed out to the gift shop.  


The guys have been busy over at Bear Den.  The basement is moving along.  Air Hockey should be delivered in a couple of weeks.  The rec room is coming together


They continued the flooring upstairs in the bathroom and entrance way


Next week Steve will be taking on the king room.  He is putting knotty pine over the dark paneled walls and closet.  The painted walls are staying for now…  If he has time the queen room might get something or it might have to wait.  They have until April 12th and then they have to be done.  Nice to see another part of the 70’s leave Bear Den


They keep filling the truck with new stuff and garbage