I see lots of stressed out people arrive at the resort who just want to unplug from technology, phones and traffic.  You have so much more come at your these days.  Today I had to deal with my computer which the nine button has decided to not work.  Periodically my key board decides to throw me for a loop.  Usually I just have to bang on the key for a week or so and then it works again and another one acts up.  Apparently after being on the phone with Apple Care it is a common problem they fix for free on my computer.  So after talking with them for an hour today I then tried to send a document to the printer.  Long story short it involved 2 trips to town because I needed to convert it to a PDF…. I know this is easy peasy for most but I do not do a lot of file conversions.  After all that going back to my maple trees and collecting my maple sap was a much needed break from the day


Figuring out how to keep maple sap cool in a snowbank is so much more enjoyable than remembering what email address you used on your iCloud to back it up.  It also does not require the nine key on your computer.


I did have to figure out how to get in Eagles Nest’s front door today which is still snowed in.  We shoveled off the roof a month ago and it needs a lot more melting 

If you are interested in staying in Eagles Nest we had a cancelation June 1 – 8th at nine20/week.  See there are ways around using the nine button


Steve and Troy were plugging away at projects at Bear Den.  The King room was getting a partial make over.  Knotty pine paneling is coming in and a ceiling fan.  Steve had a nine day like me in dealing with the electric plug ins in Bear Den.   Thankfully everyone should enjoy the plug ins working better but Steve did have a few choice words to say about them


New flooring coming in


The basement is looking good with its floor done.  The air hockey game is coming by May 1 and I just picked up a Galaga game 


So if you too need a break from nine’s, converting files and traffic you know where to come.  The lake is slowly melting away