IMG_8734IMG_8692Troy and I just returned from our final little spring trip before getting in to spring clean up of the resort.   We left spring like Missouri to return to snow still on the ground.  The lake is slowly turning colors   I will post tomorrow Steve’s updates on Bear Den


We went to the largest sock machine gathering in the country and maybe the world in Cape Girardeau Missouri where one of 2 sock knitting machine companies are.  My red machine was made here in 2015 and they make about 10 machines a week and have a 2 month waiting list to get a machine.  187 sock knitting people signed up and came to the event.

IMG_8705I had a lot of fun meeting other sock knitters like Heidi who was having fun making her first sock on my 1924 machine.  She just got her own antique machine and was at the convention to get it tweaked by the mechanics and learn how to use the machine.  Some people have antiques some buy new machines and some like me have both

IMG_8715this is Pete Oswald working on getting an old machine going.  Pete is a wiz at the old machines and has helped me out of a few jams

IMG_8713A beautiful fingerless glove pattern I learned and want to try

IMG_8729All good things must come to an end as we drink wine and shake dice for who wins the huge bag of sock yarn.  

It was fun but time to get back to the north and a few piles of snow.  We have 9 to 15 inches of snow predicted for Thursday into Friday.  Winter is not over yet