Snow melting slowly away.  

For the past 2 weeks I have been dealing with computer key board problems.  My computer went to visit the Apple gurus in the mail and all is well again.  I can type 9’s all day now.  Before I had keys acting up all the time.  I had tried to update the blog with my iPad but it was not sizing the pictures right as you can see in the previous blog entry


Troy and I spent last week in Cape Girardeau Missouri at the largest sock machine convention in the world.  187 crankers descended on The Cape for 5 days of meeting people and playing with our machines


Here is one of the oldest machines in the country with a wooden cylinder dating back to around the civil war.  There are only 4 of these machines known to exist in the country


Beautiful old machine from the 1900’s


The machining that went into this is amazing all gear driven from again the early 1900’s


I learned how to make Christmas balls on the machines.  Now to go home and experiment


It was great to meet some fun new people but time to get back to the woods


You know you are back in Wisconsin when there is a drive through for beer and cheese


Back at home stopped by to see how Bear Den is progressing.  It is rented on Friday….


King bedroom looking better and better.  On the ceiling is the wires for the ceiling fan that will be installed soon


The old blanket/closet area looking much better!


Downstairs with a coat of varnish on the back wall.  Waiting on the air hockey game that is going to take till next week to arrive


In the meantime Troy has Pac Man and Gallaga to put together


Stairway to the basement 


New bathroom door waiting on a door handle

Stay tuned for finished pics