We are slowly melting the snow from the big storm last week.  Hopefully the resort looks less white in a few days.  We have warmer temps and rain headed our way and that should hurry up the melting.  I think Steve is taking the plow off for the last time this week.  Hopefully that is a good sign.


I was not taking the steps to the beach for lake pics this morning.  It was slippery and snow covered and I did not want to break my ankle.  So no beach pics till the steps are clearer


I shot this picture from the top of the steps.  The lake should be much darker in a few days when the rain comes in


I had the chance to purchase 5 sock machines last week.  They arrived and I am sorting them out.  That brings my total machines to 10   4 of them will be going for sale as soon as I get them oiled up and cleaned.  The one in the middle of the picture I am going to keep it is from 1893 – 1897 it will be on display in my office as my oldest sock machine.  The one in the box in the back of the picture is a treasure.  It is at Lamb flat bed machine from 1870’s I will also be keeping that one and hopefully have it knitting this summer.  


This is one of the 4 that will be going for sale.  It is a Gearhart from probably 1914 – 1920ish.  If interested in the knitting machines send me a message.  I do not know pricing on them yet until I see how many ribbers, cylinders and dials each one will have.  When I sell them I will also give a lesson in how to use one and make a sock.  They will be in the 1000 dollar range depending on how many accessories each has.  These machines were headed to a scrap heap until the owner of them saw my article in the Our Wisconsin magazine and called me with the collection his dad had in the garage in Milwaukee 


Hopefully this scene with snow is gone soon and campfires come back

I have just listed June 1 – 8th remaining cabins can be booked nightly I have Wigwam, Norway and Eagles Nest open check out for prices or call 715 356 3018 details under availability.  If you are taking the end of the week I just ask you book it through departing on the 8th not the 7th with a 3 night minimum

We do still have Blackwood 2bdr  open Jun 17 for 4 nights leaving the 21st and July 28th – August 2 for 5 nights

Bear Den 4 bdr is open July 26 – August 2nd at 2700/week up to 10 people